I have some exciting news to share with you from the AMEC Publishing House:

The Improved Adult Teacher Quarterly is now “Liberating Faith Studies.” The lessons still follow the International Sunday School lesson outlines, but the lessons themselves have been redesigned.

The world in which we live requires that people of faith represent that faith in such a way that provides hope to the hopeless, liberty to the oppressed, and freedom to the captives. In particular, the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us no other option; it is our call and mandate to share  the story. Our new lessons are structured with this goal in mind. The Bible serves as a foundation for lesson conversations relevant to the lives of people of color – ones that serve our members and lead to inward transformation. Most importantly, we desire to provide lessons that promote the theological underpinnings of our Zion and ones that promote the message of liberation that is central to African Methodism.

I am excited about this and other new products from the AMEC Publishing House. I encourage you to take advantage of these resources and to support the work that is being done particularly for African Methodists.

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